Welcome to Youth Law at The Alex

Legal Education and Resource Centre for Children and Youth

Welcome to Youth Law at The Alex!

We offer legal advice, information, representation, referrals and services to children and youth. Lawyers at Youth Law provide representation to young people 19 years of age and under who have nowhere else to turn for legal support.

We help young people get a lawyer to deal with:

  • family issues (e.g., visitation and residency matters, child support, independent living questions, adoption and pregnancy matters and arranged marriages)
  • employment questions
  • landlord and tenant questions
  • human rights issues
  • school issues
  • guardianship questions
  • independent living

Some questions young people ask Youth Law:

  • My parents are separating, will I have to go to court?
  • I’ve left home. What are my legal rights?
  • I’m new to Canada and my immigration papers are not correct. Is there anything I can do?
  • I worked for a company this summer and they haven’t paid me. Is there anything I can do?
  • I’m pregnant. Can my parents force me to give the baby up for adoption?

We answer questions and provide referrals in all legal and legally related matters. Youth Law  does not represent young people involved in criminal matters or those who access legal services through Child Welfare. Other services are available to provide young people with representation in these areas.

If you need help with criminal matters, contact the Youth Criminal Defense Office

If you need legal help and are already involved with Children’s Services contact the Legal Representation for Children and Youth (LRCY) office.