Young Voices, Healthy Lives

Youth Law at The Alex staff  lawyers provide representation and advice to young people caught up in their parents’ high conflict custody and access disputes.

Youth Wellness In Action

In order to reach young people and contribute to their overall well-being, Youth Law at The Alex offers ongoing legal clinics at high schools throughout Calgary.

We Care – Pregnancy, Parenting & Prevention

Youth Law at The Alex partners with Louise Dean Centre, the Kara Life Program and Highbanks Society to assist young women who are pregnant or young people who are parenting with custody and access, wills, guardianship, child support and tax matters.

Ask a Lawyer

Youth Law at The Alex’s website provides young people with the opportunity to get legal advice directly by e-mail. FAQs provide information to the public about Alberta civil law topics affecting youth.

Information, Advice And Referral

Youth Law at The Alex provides referrals to many young people who are dealing with a diversity of civil law issues. This includes but is not limited to questions and problems related to custody, access, guardianship, living independently, education, employment, landlord and tenant issues, privacy issues, pregnancy and access to financial support. In this regard, staff provides referral, advice and support, and act as information officers to all who contact Youth Law at The Alex by telephone and email.

Public Legal Education

Youth Law at The Alex works to increase knowledge about the legal issues facing young people through presentations to community groups, schools, post-secondary and law students, law firms, conferences and seminars and to professionals working with youth. Youth Law at The Alex distributes public legal education and information through print materials and our website.

For information on any of these Youth Law at The Alex programs, please contact us.